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Mathematical ACTS is a multi-faceted NSF-funded research project designed around specifically tailored initiatives for teachers and students in the 4 th 8 th grades. ACTS seeks to raise achievement and close achievement gaps in mathematics for all students in the Jurupa Unified School District through a series of programs (150 hours annually) for teachers and students. For the purpose of this project, student achievement in mathematics is defined as preparation for and success in Algebra I, the gatekeeper class for higher mathematics courses and entrance colleges and universities. The targeted students are those in the Jurupa Unified School District 4 th through 9 th grades, beginning in September, 2003 through June 2007. These grades are targeted as the first year that algebra concepts are introduced and the final year that Algebra I would be completed for an on track sequence of courses.

The effect of professional development on teaching and the subsequent achievement of students are studied in a research design that includes:

  • Comparison of teacher baseline knowledge and post ACTS intervention knowledge and use of mathematics and pedagogy.
  • Assessment of the integrity of implementation of ACTS teaching strategies in the classroom.
  • Assessment of the value added in the classroom by tracking the rate of student achievement growth in targeted and control (wait-listed) classrooms.
  • Assessment of the value added by tracking the induction of new mathematics and science teachers.
  • Case studies of teacher and school implementation within one school site.
  • Assessment of benchmarks of systemic change for both UCR and JUSD.

The initial study group includes teachers and students from 16 elementary schools and 3 middle schools. In dealing with a small group a number of questions arise concerning the research design, the quality of assessments used for evaluating both content and pedagogy, and the types of analysis that can be used to maximize statistical power in quantifying the effectiveness of specific treatments. Since scientifically designed and controlled experiments are rare in education, Mathematical ACTS provides an opportunity to quantify the effectiveness of various teacher interventions.

On a regular basis we will post our results on both teacher and student performance.

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1. Poster presentation on first year results on teacher content knowledge and ecperimental design. Power Point presentation.