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MATE: The Mathematics Academy for Teaching Excellence models exemplary teaching with explicit links to mathematics and science content and relevant connections to real-world applications. This two-week summer institute also provides teachers background research, opportunities to form school site teams, and extensive material resources to implement demonstrated lessons in the classroom.

CHAMP: Climbing Higher with the Academy for Mathematics Performance collaboratively creates, demonstrates, and tests innovative instructional strategies in mathematics. Students, teachers, and mathematical content from a selected grade level form the core of this weeklong lab school. Teachers work as participant observers, practice model lessons, and work in the role of peer coaches to validate the new instructional strategies designed to increase student conceptual understanding of mathematics.

ALIAS: Accelerated Literacy Integrating Algebra and Science provides university faculty who design and oversee science inquiry lessons for groups of teachers and their students. Hands on demonstrations and experiments reinforce standards in mathematics and language arts. Summer extensions of ALIAS provide teams of teachers and students with a weeklong experience at the University labs.

MATE, ALIAS, CHAMP FOLLOW-UP: Model demonstrations of lessons in mathematics connected with science for ACTS teacher participants with guided discussions and support for implementation of new strategies. Monthly meetings are held after school.

CLASSROOM SUPPORT: Mentoring, in class visits, guided discussion, and support for observations, implementation of strategies, peer coaching, and organizing school site change.

CTFMS: Community Teaching Fellowships in Mathematics and Science provides professional development, mentoring and financial support for college mathematics & science majors who want to become teachers. Fellows receive MATE and CHAMP training and are placed for 150 hours in a Jurupa classroom.

Summer Academies for Students: provide a variety of summer offerings for 4th - 9th grade students (Girls Excelling in Mathematics and Science; Healthy Body Healthy Mind; Algebra Middle School Academy, College Going Academy.) While standards based content is emphasized, the goal is to motivate students in mathematics and science through a broader perspective on these subjects.